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Even thinking about Italy can set the heart racing. With a magnificent past, of which it is rightly proud, and breath-taking scenery, from the heights of the Alps to the idyllic beaches in the south, Italy has so much to offer. The Roman’s brought with them ideas that have lasted down to our days, and their steps can still be seen on arrow-straight roads and the architectural treasures that cross the continent from north to south. They say ‘when in Rome..’, so that means taking life easy, but enjoying the bustle of a lively city at the same time, one that visitors have fallen in love with for centuries. A sharp blast of coffee, gorgeous ochre-coloured palaces, magnificent ruins, it’s all there on a Roman holiday. If you know people here, you’ll need to send gifts to Italy, and FloraQueen has the best range of wonderful ideas for your next delivery of gifts to Italy.

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Italy. It’s enough to make the mouth water. Delicious pastas and fresh vegetables, soups and sweets. And all washed down with a glass of great Italian wine. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? And, from the sun-baked south through the vivid colours of the Tuscan landscape and its traditional farmhouses, colours that only seem to deepen as the day goes by, to the baroque wonders of Venice, Italy has it all, and more. Italy has given the world so much, from the Roman culture that still underpins many of the values we hold dear in the 21st century to great writers, such as Dante. If you have friends or family here, you’ll want to keep in touch with them. And what better way than to send gift baskets to Italy? We know that, at Christmas, distance can make things hard, so our range of great seasonal ideas is perfect for when you want to send holiday gifts to Italy.